Laure M. Hiendl

  1. Concert

    «Seht meine Wunden und an meinen Beinen, die Narben meiner… (2022) for ensemble

    Ray Ray of Light (2022) for 4 voices a cappella

    In Abeyance (2021) for ensemble

    String Quartet No. 2 (2021) for string quartet, electronics and video

    White Radiance TM (2020) for voice, ensemble and electronics

    We called it utopia (2019) for piano/percussion quartet and electronics

    Contretemps/Soliloquy (2019) for ensemble and electronics

    Ten Bullets Through One Hole (2018) for two voices, electronics and video

    String Quartet No. 1 (Tubular–Mondo) (2018) for string quartet and electronics

    Alles beginnt immer jetzt (2017) for cello and electronics

    Testomania (2016) for choir and electronics

    tonus (2014) for violin, cello and electronics

    OFFSHORE (2012–13) for brass quartet, 2 percussionists, electronics and video

    UniSolo (2012) for solo percussion

  2. Opera

    Songs for Captured Voices (2020-21) Music theater for voice, ensemble and electronics

    PARADISE (2015–16) Opera installation for 8 voices, ensemble, electronics and video

  3. Performance

    BERGEN (2019) performance co-created with Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk

    excyte (2018) performance with Julian Weber and Kinga Tóth

    HighWay (2016-17) choreography by Julian Weber

    i found a space for me and you and when i gave the space… (2016) for 2 performers

    little moments of invisible deaths (2016) for 2 pianos and electronics

  4. Music Installation

    Music for Hotelbars (2018) for piano trio and electronics

    still|arriving (2017) for piano and electronics

    Schichtung (2014) Performance installation for 4+ performers

  5. Fixed Media

    microphase (2017) Fixed media

    Zeichnung (2015) Fixed media / Sound installation