Laure M. Hiendl

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    i found a space for me and you and when i gave the space to you you couldn't even feel it (2016)
    for 2 performers (variable length)

    performed by Josh Spear and Laure M. Hiendl

    and then you will never understand why I love my life and the other side of it before you can get the best of all the way you are the only thing that could be better than the original version of this fact that I can be used is not the same thing as I'm going back home and sleep all night long so slow kiss me like a baby girl over and over again.

    i found a space… is an unstable space—an open improvisatory structure that liquifies stage personae and performer–audience stabilities. Two persons inhabit a space for a variable amount of time using empty and redundant text phrases generated by autosuggest software as starting points for a constant stream of improvised text conversations. Failing body exercises, confusing audience instructions and useless singing lessons contribute to an atmosphere of futility and intimacy as we all are invited to make sense out something that is clearly going nowhere for way too long of a duration.

    Darmstadt, Germany
    August 10, 2016 | Kunsthalle Darmstadt